Although it may not seem like it on my skin, I was born in Tenerife and I carry the islands in my heart. I studied to be an architect but my passion for ink made me start in the world of tattoos in 2019. As an architect I enjoy photographing ruins and abandoned places, dystopian worlds in which to lose ourselves to find our own reality.

From the hand of Octavio Camino I managed to transform the tattoo into my new way of life. Since then I have not stopped learning from all those wonderful people who cross my path and every day I enjoy my work more. Now I am enthusiastically embarking on a new stage as part of the Renato Tattoo team.

For me, each project is special. I see tattooing as a process in which I connect with my clients and help them decorate their skin with symbols and stories. My references range from traditional decorative elements such as Portuguese tiles to tribal details from different cultures. In my designs I use lines and dots, mixing magical, symbolic and ornamental elements. My most figurative works are distinguished by following a minimalist aesthetic that combines lines and black solids.

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